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Reimagining the Hemispheric South
McCune Room, Interdisciplinary Humanities Center
University of California, Santa Barbara
January 20 – 21, 2011

The University of California, Santa Barbara, is pleased to announce an upcoming conference devoted to the topic of “Reimagining the Hemispheric South.” The conference and subsequent series of related events, including follow-up conferences and lectures, will build on contemporary retheorizations of the Global South by exploring the rapid transformation of many relationships, communities, and alliances within the Western hemisphere. While the concept of the Hemispheric South suggests a move away from the nation-state as a primary unit of critical analysis, it also intends to foreground the manner in which imperial, colonial, and nationalist projects, along with predatory forms of capitalism, have shaped definitions of hemispheric "Southernness" in terms of unique poverty (including constructions of indigeneity and the rural), wealth (including natural resources, beauty), and culture (including ideas of authenticity).

Overall, the conference will examine the multiple realities, knowledge systems, migrations, and intellectual border crossings associated with “southernness” in the Americas, especially as these dynamics contribute to articulations of the Americas as part of the “Global South.”  In particular, the conference conveners present this event as an opportunity to consider the ways that the Hemispheric South has unfolded as a powerful facet of the social imaginary.  Focusing on relationships and negotiations in the Americas which stretch over many hundreds of years, the conference invites scholars and the interested public to consider the complicated struggles that have ensued in various media as a great array of meanings have been attached to notions of the "southern" in this context.  

Reimagining the Hemispheric South

Conference Schedule



Thursday, January 20


9:00AM – 9:15AM / Conference Introduction


9:15AM – 10:20AM / Neoliberalism and Global Imperialism

Rosaura Sanchez (Literature, UC San Diego):  “Combating Necessary Illusions in the South: The

Failure of Neoliberalism”

Riché Richardson (Africana Studies and Research Center, Cornell University): "Condoleezza

Rice and Race" 

Panel Chair: Paul Amar (Global Studies, UC Santa Barbara)


10:25AM – 11:30AM / Performance, Subjectivity and Citizenship

Stephanie Batiste (Black Studies and English, UC Santa Barbara): “Transnationalism and the

Development of US Black National Subjectivities in Performance Culture"

Tiffany Ana Lopez (Theater, UC Riverside): “The Staging of Cultural Citizenship in U.S.

Latina/o Drama and Visual Production”

Panel Chair: Clyde Woods (Black Studies, UC Santa Barbara)


11:35AM – 12:40PM /Media Circuits I

George Lipsitz (Black Studies and Sociology, UC Santa Barbara): "Closer Together and Farther

Apart: Mediascapes after NAFTA"

Cristina Venegas (Film and Media Studies, UC Santa Barbara): “Post-NAFTA Media Circuits”

Panel Chair: Rita Raley (English, UC Santa Barbara)


12:40PM – 1:30PM / Lunch


1:30PM – 2:35PM / Critical Spirit

Desirée Martín (English, UC Davis): “Illegal Marginalizations: La Santisima Muerte”

José David Saldívar (Comparative Literature, Stanford University): “Junot Diaz’s Global South

and the Fuku Americanus”

Panel Chair: Carl Gutiérrez-Jones (English, UC Santa Barbara)


2:40PM – 3:45PM / Indigenous Social Movements

Maylei Blackwell (Chicana and Chicano Studies, UC Los Angeles): “The Practice of Autonomy

in the Age of Neoliberalism:  Indigenous Women’s Organizing, Cross Border

Communities, and the Politics of Scale”

Teresa Shewry (English, UC Santa Barbara):  "Wandering Ecologies: Water and Indigenous


Panel Chair: Ellen McCracken (Spanish and Portuguese, UC Santa Barbara)


4:00PM – 5:45PM / Keynote Address

Ileana Rodriguez (Spanish and Portuguese, Ohio State University): “Reimagining the

‘Hemispheric South’: Reflections on the Nature of the Nation-state”

Introduction: Stephanie Batiste (Black Studies and English, UC Santa Barbara)


Friday, January 21


9:00AM – 10:50AM / Cultivating Critical Listening: Music and Poetry

Felice Blake (English, UC Santa Barbara): "Down These Mean Streets with a Saxophone in My

Hand: Black and Latino Dialogue in Music and Literature"

Jayna Brown (Ethnic Studies, UC Riverside): “Represent the World Town: Music, War and the

Rehabitation of Injured Bodies”

Rachel Adams (English, Columbia University): “Listening to Gaby: Disability Rights in a

Hemispheric Perspective”

Panel Chair: Shirley Geok-Lin Lim (English, UC Santa Barbara)


10:55AM – 12:00PM / Media Circuits II

Curtis Marez (Ethnic Studies, UC San Diego): “From Third World Cinema to National Video:

Visual Technologies and UFW World Building

Ellen McCracken (Spanish and Portuguese, UC Santa Barbara): “Vooks and the Hemispheric

South: Enhanced E-books and U.S. Latino Literature”

Panel Chair: Cristina Venegas (Film and Media Studies, UC Santa Barbara)


12:00PM – 1:00PM / Lunch


1:00PM – 2:05PM /Hemispheric Translations of the Haitian Event

Susan Gillman (Literature, UC Santa Cruz) and Kirsten Silva Gruesz (Literature, UC Santa

Cruz): “Hugo, Melville, and the Black Jacobins”

Panel Chair: Esther Lezra (Global Studies, UC Santa Barbara)


2:10PM – 3:15PM / Binary Logics, Critical Reversals

Candace Waid (English, UC Santa Barbara): "The Reverse Slave Narrative"

Esther Lezra (Global Studies, UC Santa Barbara): “Wide-Eyed Monkeys, Thoughtful Tigers and

Smiling Snakes: Re-thinking Self-Other Binaries Dividing Colony and Metropole”

Panel Chair: Stephanie Batiste (Black Studies and English, UC Santa Barbara)


3:30PM – 4:35PM ? Afro-Hemispheric Difference

Winston James (History, UC Irvine): “Black Contact Zones: Their Role in the Development of

Pan-Africanism, Transnationalism and Internationalism—The Cases of Panama and

Costa Rica, 1880-1939”

Shelley Streeby (Literature, UC San Diego): “Archiving Alternate Black Worlds and Near

Futures: Scrapbooks, Stereopticons, and Social Movements”

Panel Chair: Clyde Woods (Black Studies, UC Santa Barbara)


4:40PM – 5:45PM / Rethinking Plantations

Aisha Finch (Women’s Studies, UC Los Angeles):  “Sugar's 'Unapparent Histories':  Alternate

Temporalities and Rival Geographies in the Caribbean Plantation

Clyde Woods (Black Studies, UC Santa Barbara): “Neo-plantation, Neo-Liberalism”

Panel Chair: George Lipsitz (Black Studies and Sociology, UC Santa Barbara)

 For more information about this event, please contact Carl Gutierrez-Jones at: carlgj@english.ucsb.edu

This conference is being supported by the UC Humanities Research Institute, the Department of English, the Chicano Studies Institute, the Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, the American Cultures and Global Contexts Center, the Center for Black Studies Research, and the Division of Humanities and Fine Arts.