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Imagination and the Nation:
In, Between, and Beyond States
ACGC Graduate Student Conference
Saturday, May 8th, 9am - 6:30pm, 2004
Centennial House, UCSB

Tentative Conference Schedule

8:00-9:00: Registration and Light Breakfast

9:00-9:10: Welcoming Remarks, Rob Wallace, Eric Martinsen, Elizabeth Freudenthal

9:10-10:40: Marketing the Global, Moderator Sarah McLemore
R . Diyah Larasati (UCR), "Culture Reinvention: The Case of Indonesia and United States Relations"
Danielle La France (UCSB), "Women's Reponses to Global Media"
Claudia Brazzale (UCLA), "Tracking Desire: How Family Capitalism Produces Global Fashion Consumers"

10:40-11:00: Break

11:00-12:00: Embodiments and Representations of Gender, Moderator Melissa Stephenson
Cindy Garcia (UCLA), "Choreographing the Pan-Latina: Cinematic and Televisual Representations of the Dancing Latina Body"
Andrea Fontenot (UCSB), "'What to Fear' in an Ikea Catalog: Masculinity as Resistance in Global America"

12:00-1:30: Delectable Catered Lunch

1:30-3:00: Faculty Rountable, featuring Susan Koshy, Chris Newfield, and Jacqueline Stevens and moderated by Emily Davis.

3:00-3:15: Break

3:15-4:45: Globalizing Literary Studies, Moderator Christy Cannariato
Karen Steigman (UMinnesota), "The State of the Subject: Teaching the American Literature Survey in an Era of Globalization"
Laura Furlan Szanto (UCSB), "Ethnobilia in Louise Erdrich's The Antelope Wife"
Jacob Berman (UCSB), "Dis-Orienting the Orient: Poe's Arabesque and Domesticating the Image of the Arab"

4:45-5:00: Break

5:00-6:30: (Trans)national Music and Spoken Word Performance, Moderator Rob Wallace
Denise Odello (UCSB), "Imagined Communities, Invented Traditions and the Working Class: The Brass Band Movement as a Nationalist Phenomenon"
H.A. "Beto" Gonzalez (UCLA), "Early Globalization in World Music: the Parallel Development of Brazilian Tango/Choro and American Ragtime"
Anoosh Jorjorian (UCLA), "Flip(ping) Identities, Constructing Communities: Imagining New Alliances Through Filipino-American Spoken Word Performance"