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Affiliated Scholars
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If you are interested in becoming affiliated with the ACGCC, please contact the Center's Graduate Student Fellow by email: To subscribe to our graduate student email list and receive regular updates about Center events, fill out our web form at LSIT.

Graduate Students
Cong-Huyen, Anne English
Fujii, George History
Garcia, Mary Comp. Lit.
Hoffpauir, Chris English
Kar, Rosie Comp. Lit.
Kawar, Kelly English
Kim, Joomi English
Le, Nhu English
Lee, Jung Eun "Janie" Linguistics
Mooney, Patrick English
Olmos, Daniel Sociology
Pici, Nick English
Quimby, Peter S. History
Reed, Alison English
Samura, Michelle Education
Satris, Marthine English

Soares, Kristie

Comp. Lit.
Wender, Irina Vladi English
Former Graduate Students    
Athanassakis, Yanoula English
Dolan, Kathryn English
Doetsch, Sharon P. English
Hirsch, Sarah English
Jalao, Ly Chong English
Oliver, Mac English
Pecchenino, Daniel English
Perry, Michael English
Salinas, Shanna English