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Graduate Student Research Projects
Anne Cong-Huyen's research interests include transnational literatures of migration and labor, globalization, hospitality, social networks, and digital environments. She is also an active member and researcher of the CouchSurfing Project:
Brandon Fastman is studying the cultural construction of “intelligence” in American culture after the introduction of the IQ test.  Specifically, he is interested in how American literature helps to create an aesthetic of intelligence and how writers of different cultural backgrounds navigate that aesthetic.
Alison Reed’s interests include contemporary American minority literatures, border studies, trauma and narrative theory, as well as recent applications of psychoanalytic theory within critical race and ethnicity studies.  She is a contributor for the Jura Gentium Center’s online film journal, which explores international law and global politics:  
Aimee Woznick is working on a dissertation about theories of time in American literature and philosophy at the turn into the twentieth century. Specifically, she examines how a confluence of advances in science, psychology, and media technology contributed to debates about the nature of the current moment and its relation to the past and future. Her project also explores how a new cultural awareness of the radical contingency of the present disrupts and transforms established notions of historiography, representation, and justice.
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